Touch Tabletops

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نمط الحياة التعليم
المطور: Alexander Petra
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Unique Lifestyle app that will bring back your childhood memories and tears to your eyes! Browse parts of the unique collection of MEGA, the Museum of Electronic Games & Art, with these wonderful and exclusive pictures of electronic games from the 80s and get detailed information on your childhood dreams. Become part of the new generation treating oldschool gaming as art and cultural heritage by supporting MEGA.

+ over 30 unique and exclusive hires pictures of handhelds and tabletops
+ intuitively zoom, browse and rotate pictures
+ display additional informational text and pictures in two modes
+ enjoy original artwork and instructions from the 80s
+ intelligent display routine optimizes object view
+ visit the MEGA website with a single tap
+ instructions / help available in the application
+ enhanced hires view on iPad